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Process Protection – High Performance Magnetic Separation & Detection Systems

With 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance magnetic systems, Eclipse Magnetics supply critical equipment to some of the leading names in the most demanding industries.

Eclipse Magnetics technology is widely used at leading worldwide companies and in major development projects, all requiring a guarantee of equipment performance.

Leading the way for product quality, performance and service, Eclipse manufactures the full range of options for every stage of production, from simple manually cleaned magnetic separation units to fully automated PLC controlled systems. Eclipse’s high-quality, high-power magnetic separators, metal detectors and vibratory sieves are suitable for most applications, including bulk, grain, dry powders, damp powders, liquids and syrups.

We wish to inform you that we have recently signed up with Eclipse Magnetics to serve in this region.

Eclipse Magnetics success is founded on key market advantages:

  • High intensity magnetic separation technology – first class performance.
  • Advanced magnetic separator product design – total reliability and compatibility with application.
  • First rate service – a full understanding of the needs of our markets.


We are fully conversant with all major industry standards such as FSA, FDA and IFS, plus institutes such as  BRC and GFSI. Many of our magnetic separation products have full ATEX certification.

Featured Products

Housed Grid

Housed Grid

Housed easy clean grid magnets are ideal for removal of fine iron and para-magnetic contamination from a range of dry free flowing products such as sugar, grain, flour, granulates and powders.

Housings are available for both square chutes and round pipelines and are flanged to suit each customers requirement for ease of installation.

Cleaning of this system is exactly the same as for the easy clean grid unit.

Housed Grids are available as single row units or double row units with square and circular options.

High Intensity Liquid Filter

High Intensity Liquid Filter

The High Intensity Liquid Filter magnetic separator has been designed to operate in pressurised transfer lines to provide protection against ferrous and para-magnetic contamination.

The housing comprises a vessel, magnetic lid assembly and band clamp, which secures the unit together. The filter is available in two versions, single wall and double wall (jacketed for heated pipelines).

The filter can be used in any line that processes liquids at all viscosity levels and can be installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal. A common installation location is tanker loading and discharge to inspect outgoing and incoming materials.

The filter can be supplied to suit various processing volumes, pressures, temperatures and specifications.

Pneumag Separator

Pneumag Separator

The Pneumag high intensity magnetic separator has been designed to operate on pneumatic conveying lines to provide protection against ferrous and para-magnetic contamination of dry powders and granulates. Using high performance magnetic circuits it ensures that even the smallest ferrous contamination particles are extracted from pneumatically fed lines.

The unit contains a double row high intensity magnetic cartridge. It is secured into its housing by quick release toggle clamps, which ensure even pressure is generated around the unique silicon-based metal-detectable seal.

The Pneumag can be incorporated into any form of pneumatic conveying line, from lean to dense phase, and can be installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal. A common installation location is at tanker discharge to inspect incoming materials.

All dry powders and granular type materials can be processed through the unit. Pneumag can operate in line pressures of +/-1 Bar, units are also available up to +/-5 Bar on request, with a maximum processing line speed of 35m / sec.

A lockable tamper proof cover plate is provided to ensure only authorised personnel have access to the unit.

Auto-Shuttle (Double Row)

The Auto-Shuttle magnetic separator enables screening of processed products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need for manual intervention. The system can even carry out a full clean without the need to stop the process.

The unit is supplied with a pre-programmed PLC that can either work independently or be connected to a central control room system for remote activation or monitoring etc.

There are reed switches fitted to each end of the separator tubes to indicate the position of each magnetic core. The full system remains air tight throughout normal operation making it suitable for environments where ATEX equipment is required.

Auto-Shuttle is ideal for dry powders and granulates, including crystallized sugar.

Rota-Grid Separator

The high intensity Rota-Grid is designed to remove ferrous contamination from difficult to process substances which have bridging or caking characteristics.

The unit comprises of a centrally mounted magnetic rota which incorporates several “Easy Clean” magnetic rods. This rotates to gently agitate the product to prevent any blockages and ensuring flow continuity.

Whilst the primary function of this unit is to extract ferrous contamination from product that is prone to caking or bridging, the rotary action of the grid means contamination is presented to a greater number of magnetic surfaces than a standard fixed grid offering even more effective contamination removal.

The Rota-Grid can be supplied to Pharmaceutical standards if required.

Sieveguard Vibratory Sieves

Compact 450mm and 600m screen vibratory ingredient sieves with incorporated grid magnet (optional) and metal-detectable screen and seals.

Essential for the sifting, grading and screening of food, chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients entering process lines.